Miscellaneous Fees

Restocking Fee $35.00 per line
Subsidized Device Activation Fee $40.00
Retail Installment Contract Activation Fees $25.00
Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee $2.47 per line, per month
Reconnect from suspension $25.00 plus tax per line
Reconnect from cancellation $40.00 plus tax per line
Late Fee $5.00 for each late payment or 1.5% a month or part thereof (18% annually or the highest rate permitted by applicable state law) for any amount not paid when due, whichever is greater.
Non-sufficient funds fee $20.00
Early Termination Fees a pro-rated $150 early termination fee for basic phones, modems and hotspot devices and a $350 early termination fee for smartphones and tablets.
Processing Fee up to $5.00 on any credit balance due upon termination of Service for any reason.