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With Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology there's no more shouting or straining to hear. It's just one of the many ways U.S. Cellular® is constantly working to improve our network.

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Enhanced Calling lets you do and hear more.

It goes beyond delivering crisp, top-quality sound. This technology also lets you surf the web at 4G LTE™ speeds while making HD voice calls.

HD Voice

Voice and Data

Enjoy incredibly clear quality and reduced background noise on data voice calls made on the 4G LTE data network.

Browse, post and stream, all while talking on the phone. You can use voice and data capabilities at the same time—and at 4G LTE speeds.

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It's already available to many U.S. Cellular® customers. Enter your zip code to find out more about the coverage near you.

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Enhanced Calling FAQs

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4GLTE not available everywhere. See for complete coverage details. 4GLTE service may be provided through King Street Wireless, a partner of U.S. Cellular. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

Things we want you to know: Enhanced Calling is currently available to postpaid accounts only. If available, Enhanced Calling features are included in your existing voice plan at no additional charge. Enhanced Calling is not available everywhere. In order to utilize Enhanced Calling features you must have an Enhanced Calling capable/enabled phone, and be within the Enhanced Calling service coverage area. To experience HD Voice, both parties must have an Enhanced Calling capable/enabled phone and be within the Enhanced Calling service coverage area. Certain services are not compatible with Enhanced Calling and will no longer function when Enhanced Calling is enabled. Such incompatible services include Ring-Back Tones, Wireless Data Priority & Regional Abbreviated Dialing Codes. Enhanced Calling can be disabled if you need to utilize any of the incompatible services