First Page Of Your Bill

We've made it easier to read the first page of your U.S. Cellular® bill so you can quickly view the information that's most important to you.

Watch this video for an overview of your wireless bill and charges.
Click the buttons below to learn about each section of the first page of your bill.
  1.  Total Amount Due — This section highlights the total balance for the account. This includes current charges and past due charges, if applicable. Back To Bill Image ↑
  2.  Current Charges — This is the total of your charges for your most recent billing cycle. Monthly service charges can include the price for your service plan, installment plan and Device Protection+. Prorated monthly service charges can include changes made after your last billing cycle on your service plan, installment plan and Device Protection+. Usage charges can include prices for domestic or international roaming and data overages.Back To Bill Image ↑
  3.  Prior Month Activity — This is the remaining amount owed for the previous billing cycle(s). Previous Balance refers to the Total Amount Due still owed on your last bill. Payments Received shows any payments made between your previous and current billing cycle. Credits and Adjustments to Previous Balance includes any credits or billing adjustments we made between your last and current bills.Back To Bill Image ↑
  4.  Current Month's Data Usage — Data Usage graphs will appear (up to 10 lines or 3 Shared Connect plans) for each bucket on the account. Each graph is labeled with the corresponding specific phone number (MDN) data allotment and plan name for easy reference.Back To Bill Image ↑
  5.  Remittance Form — If you wish to mail in a payment, please detach this section, fill in the amount being paid, and mail to the address indicated. You may also go to My Account or download the My Account App to sign up for paperless billing and Auto Pay at any time.Back To Bill Image ↑
  6.  Bill Date — This is the date that your bill is generated. Please note that any account changes on or after this date will not be reflected until your next bill.Back To Bill Image ↑
  7.  Trend of Monthly Charges — The graph compares your Current Charge balance with those of your last two bills. This allows you to quickly check for any changes in your bill from one month to the next.Back To Bill Image ↑
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  • Why does the first page of my bill look different? The first page of your bill is now streamlined and customized to your account so you can quickly review your current charges, credits, adjustments and any past due balance. You can also visually identify data usage by phone line and plan (up to 10 lines or 3 Shared Connect plans) and see how your current monthly total charges compare to your last two bills. You can still view details of this summarized information on the bill pages that follow.
  • Where can I find my detailed plan description now? You can find detailed descriptions of all your plan's features beginning with Page 4 on your bill.
  • What is no longer shown on the first page of the bill? The updated first page shows you a customized list of charges that are specific to your account for that billing cycle. To simplify your bill, the following five line items will not be displayed when there is a zero balance: Prorated Monthly Service Charges, Usage Charges, Other Charges and Credits, Credits and Adjustments to Previous Balance and Past Due Balance.
  • Are the two graphs on Page 1 both for the same time frame? The graph titled Trend of Monthly Service Charges compares your current bill amount and your past two total bill amounts. The Current Month's Data Usage graph identifies the amount of data used only for your most recent billing period.
  • I had an adjustment made to my previous bill. The amount has not updated in the Trend of Monthly Charges. Why? The Trend of Monthly Charges chart is based on the amount billed at the end of the original billing cycle. Any adjustments made to the original amount will be reflected under Credits and Adjustments to Previous Balance in the Quick Breakdown portion of your bill.
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  • What other resources are available to help me understand my bill? Please refer to the How To Read Your Bill page for additional information about your bill.
  • Trend of Monthly Charges
  • What does the Trend of Monthly Charges graph show? If I had a past due balance, is that still reflected on this graph? The Trend of Monthly Charges graph is an easy way to see your current bill amount and your last two months of total bill amounts. The totals only show current charges and do not include any past due balances.
  • Why does my bill only show one or two bars under the Trend of Monthly Charges? If you have recently started an account with U.S. Cellular, there may be less than two previous bills to compare. So, if you have one month of service with us, you will see one bar; two bars for two months of service and so on.

    Note that a service suspension or cancellation for longer-term customers may cause a zero charge for that bill, so it will not appear on the Trend of Monthly Charges.
  • Data Usage
  • What does the Current Month's Data graph show? The Current Month's Data Usage graph shows how much data was used in comparison to the data allotment for that line. Up to 10 graphs can be shown on the first page. For unlimited data plans, only the amount of usage will be shown.
  • What month is the Current Month's Data Usage for? The current month refers to the start and end date of your most recent bill cycle.
  • My data usage is higher than my allowance. Does an overage charge apply? Overage charges are determined by your specific plan. Our Total Plans, for example, do not charge for data overages. The chart is a good tool to begin to determine if an overage charge has occurred. The Usage Charges line item under the Quick Breakdown is dynamic; it will only appear in those situations where an overage has been charged. Make sure to check out our Total Plans which offer Unlimited Data for all the data you need — all without hidden fees.
  • I'm a little confused by the graphs. My 2GB plan and 8GB plan bar graphs are the same height. Why? We have limited space to display the graphs, so you may notice some similarities in the bar graph heights. This will not affect the information attached to your plan, however you should always refer to the numbers displayed as the accurate representation of your plan.
  • I have multiple lines on the same data plan, but why is there only one graph displayed under Current Month's Data Usage? Account-level plans, or plans that share one bucket of data for all lines, do not limit data allotments at the individual line level. For data usage amounts by line, you can refer to the CTN Summary portion of your bill.
  • I changed my plan mid-cycle and now only the new plan shows under Current Month's Data Usage. Is this correct? Yes. You will see the most recent active plan for each line under Current Month's Data Usage. For usage detail on an older plan, please refer to the CTN Summary for those lines that changed plans.
  • I canceled my plan mid-cycle, so why is usage still showing under Current Month's Data Usage? The Current Month's Data Usage chart will show any usage on the plan prior and up to the cancellation date of that plan. This section is not a reflection of the line being active or inactive on the bill date.
  • Why can't I see my data usage for all of my 11 lines? Due to the limited amount of space on the first page of the bill, we are currently only able to accommodate accounts with a maximum of 10 lines under the Current Month's Data Usage chart.
  • Payments
  • I see a Total Amount Due and Current Charges due by MM/DD/YY. Which do I need to pay? Current Charges only consist of those charges for the current billing cycle, where Total Amount Due consists of both current and past due charges. If your account is current as of the bill's date (found in the upper right corner of the bill), Current Charges and Total Amount Due will reflect the same amount.
  • Does the 'payments applied' line item include all payments that were made within a specific timeframe? Yes, all payments made within that bill cycle will be totaled and reported out on the Payments Applied line item.
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